Create a Website For Your Business or Brand

Every online business starts with a website. Interestingly, it is now possible for anyone to quickly create a website from scratch, start a blog or build an online store fast and easy with no HTML or coding knowledge required. Build your first website in minutes, even if its your first time creating a website.

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Make your website in three simple stages

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Stage 1 – (Website setup and hosting). ↴

Create your free website builder and hosting account to setup your website and begin the whole website creation process.

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Stage 2 – (Website design and customization).

Choose a suitable website design template you like for free – to begin your site design and customization.

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Stage 3 – (Publish Website online and go live).

Connect custom domain name (, publish your website and go live.

Things you need to create a professional looking website

To build a professional looking website, you need a plan. Know the type of website you want to create and its purpose. Pick a domain name accordingly and then use the best website builder (and hosting) to quickly set up your website and publish it online in minutes.

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Make a plan for your website’s structure, pages and content

To build a successful website, first know the type of website you want to build and make a plan for your website structure accordingly.


Pick a domain name for your website

A domain is the address people type into their browser to access your website. Choose a brandable domain name that fits your website purpose, business or brand.


Use a website builder to create and publish your website online

A website builder is a tool that allows you to create a website without manual code editing. No HTML or coding is required, use the visual editor to design your website as you like.


Design a unique logo for your business or brand

To make your website stand out, design a unique logo that represents your brand everywhere.

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How to set up a website: 6 Easy Steps to get Started

Most website projects go through these simple steps:

  1. Make a plan for your website’s structure, pages and content.
  2. Register a domain name for your website, business or brand. Ideally pick a .com .
  3. Use a suitable website builder (and web hosting provider) to create and build out your website.
  4. Add features you want. Optimize it for search engines.
  5. Connect your custom domain name.
  6. Publish and launch your website.

Ready to make your own website?

How to Create a Website Step-by-Step

Learn how to set up your first website in 5 easy to follow steps for beginners. First things first, to create a successful website you first need to have a clear idea of the kind of website you want to create.

Ideally, make a plan for your website. Quickly take a few seconds to write down all of the crucial and necessary pages you want on your new website. 

Whether you want to build a free website for personal  use or make a small business website for your brand, the process is all the same. However, you’ll be required to do an upgrade if you wish to use your own custom domain name and other premium features on your site.

This makes sense if you’re creating a website for your business or personal brand and wants it to look and feel professional.

Ready to create your first website in minutes?

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Get Started

Follow through to setup and create your own website today.

Step 1: Choose a website builder (and hosting provider) to set up your website

The very first step to building a website is to get a reliable website builder and hosting.

Website builders (also known as website creators or website makers) are tools that allows the construction of websites using drag and drop page editors without manual code editing.

How it works

  • Choose a website builder that best fits the type of website you want to create and sign up for free.
  • Confirm your email address and log on to your website builder dashboard.
  • Click on the “start a new project” button to begin your website setup. Name your site.
  • Create your new website and select from dozens of professional templates to start editing as you like.

No coding knowledge required, just drag and drop elements where you need them and your site is up in minutes.

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Choose a website builder for your project ↴

Use Weebly if you want to create a free website for your small business. You can also add ecommerce.

If you want to build a full fledge ecommerce website or dropshipping & start selling online, use Shopify.

image of website template with ecommerce illustrations to represent choosing the type of website you want to make

Step 2: Select the kind of website you want to create

After deciding on a website builder to use, Click on the “Get Started” button you see on the homepage. Choose the kind of website you want to create and select a suitable template tailored to the type of website you are making.

Business Website

Select business to create a small business website.

Photography Website

Select photography if you want to make a website for your photography or galleria.

Online Store

Choose ecommerce if you want to build an online store.

Restaurant & Food

Choose restaurant & food if you want to create a website for your restaurant.

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Step 3: Choose a website template - customize it as you want for your site design

Choose from a variety of stunning free HTML website templates to build your website into what you want. Use your creative ideas to customize and design your website the way you want it to be.

Business Website templates

Choose a feature rich professional business website template if you are creating a small business website.

Ecommerce Site Templates

Choose from high converting online store templates that drives sales. Preview the template to see if you like it.

Creative Website Templates

Choose from already made stunning creative site templates for photography, artists, musicians, restaurant and more.

Non profit website templates

Choose from well designed website templates for non profit organizations and groups to represent you online.

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You can make your own website anyhow you want, even if it’s your first time creating a site.

Design your website as you like, build a website your visitors will love. Add professional features you want to your website from your site builder apps store. You can also hire a professional to do it for you.

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Step 4: Add features you need to make your website stand out

Use your creative ideas to design your website like a professional, add features you need and launch your online business with ease.

This is the point where you begin to design your website to give you the quality feel you want. You can either try designing your website as you want or hire a professional to help you design a quality website.

Add a logo

Add a custom designed logo to make your brand stand out. Use a free logo maker to design a logo yourself (temporary), or hire a pro graphic designer for cheap, to do a well designed brand logo for you.

Add booking system

If you are building a service rendering website, add an online booking system that lets people book you online. A booking system also comes handy if you are building a website for your restaurant.

Use custom domain

Get a professional domain name that fits your website or brand. Connect your custom domain name to your website host (same as your site builder), to start building your online business presence.

Add a blog or anything else

Share your latest development with your customers via your blog. Add a blog section to your website to start publishing online. Add other features and functions you need, to your website.

Add an online store to your website

Build a website that allows you to sell online and receive payments. If you want to start selling online from your website, add an online store to your website.

Let people be able to shop from your site, order products or pay you for your services online through your website.

Adding Ecommerce to your website helps you expand your business reach. You can send your products through express delivery or use regular post office mailing. Don’t know how to get stamps for mailing? This guide from Postage HQ list’s some locations to buy stamps for mailing.

Add ecommerce feature to receive payments from your online store.

Step 5: Publish and launch your website to go live​

After editing and customizing your new website the way you want, click on the “Publish Website” button to publish your website.

Start building your online presence.

  • Create social media profiles for your brand.
  • Add your business to an online business directory.

Promote your new website to start driving traffic, visitors and customers.

  • Use SEO and digital marketing to get traffic.
  • Share your website on social media platforms.
  • Use word of mouth if you like.
  • Create promotional materials like flyers and banners and use them for your marketing campaign.
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Don’t worry about immediate perfection,  you can always edit your website and make changes over time.

How to Create a Free Website

Follow these 7 simple steps to create your own website today:

  1. Decide on what kind of website you want to create. Pick a domain name that fits your website.
  2. Make a plan for your website’s structure. Draft out crucial pages, contents and site layout if possible.
  3. Choose the best free website builder to set up your website. Pick a website builder you can use to build and host your website online.
  4. Select a website template and customize it as you want for your website. Add design features, text, galleries, videos & more.
  5. Connect your domain name to your web hosting provider. Your web hosting provider is same as your website builder, connect your own custom domain name to look professional.
  6. Publish your website and go live. Start building your online presence.
  7. Drive traffic to your site. Use SEO tools, digital marketing solutions and social media.

What Makes a Website Design Great?

Building a website in 2021 and beyond isn’t just all about how fancy or beautiful your website looks. Look out for these features.

Responsive design

Your website should be able to fit into different digital screens no matter the size.

Mobile friendly

Build a website that is mobile friendly and fits into mobile screens without extra spaces.

SEO friendly

Let search engines be able to find and index pages of your website. Make a website that is SEO supported.

Speed and ease of use

A good website is one that is easy to navigate and loads fast. Build a website that is fast and easy to use.

Good user interface (UI)

Your users should be able to find what they are looking for easily. Keep your website clutter free.