Please support KompoZer’s development

KompoZer is a free software because users donate for its development.

I’m the only developer in this project, I work on KompoZer on my free time, there’s no official sponsor yet. I’m trying to make a few bucks with ads on this website, but your financial support is needed to keep this project running.


On the last 3 million downloads, the average donation has been below 0.001 € / download. Unfortunately, it’s not enough for me to work on this project on a regular basis…

I don’t expect to ever become rich with KompoZer, I only wish I could spend more time on it. The more donations I get, the more time I can spend on this project.

  • If 1% of all users donated 1€ when downloading, I could work full-time on this project and KompoZer would be a much more advanced tool.
  • If 1% of all users donated 10€ when downloading, I could hire other developers and KompoZer would set new standards among web authoring tools.

KompoZer 0.8 would not exist without the donations I got in 2009. Thank you for your support!

Fabien Cazenave (aka Kazé), KompoZer lead dev.

Hall of Fame

Many, many thanks to the donators who made this project possible. KompoZer is your project!

The donations are checked every week. If your name or nick doesn’t show up here after a week, please mail me so I can add you to the hall of fame.

2010 Donors

Michael Atkins Derek Roux T C Parry Hideo Kogawa David FayKeep up the good work. Keep the Windows installation simple, i.e. nothing more than unzipping to a folder. Endo Shogo Stefano OrsiGreat job. Congratulations from Italy toptenart Alfredo Capello Agustin Iridoi William Jenkin Roland Uhl Arcangelo Miranda Lyle Lisle Filip Clompen Pamela JS Thomas Agustin Iridoi Martin Blaessing Caesar Farrell Ping Sieh Nilza Reisch Luna Marco SteenI like kompozer and it must go on...Cu Richard Voogd Richard Williams Tasso Pepi Zdenko Pataric Benedetto Tagliavia Turtle Services UnlimitedYour efforts are appreciated Wayne Snow Michael Hymers Gerald Fink Phillip A.Goddard Sander Van Kappel Peter Spooner Aritz Ojembarrena Saracho Enoch Brooken Hans Jakob Berg Ray Cefola Frederik PolFrom G van Opheusden / Netherlands. Made a donation to Worth Jackson Jan Burgemeister Ahmad Zulfikri Melody Kniess Matthias Michael Roman Abrahams Thomas Lasinski Félix Fernández Michael Rudas Robyn Custer CountryPlans LLC Martina Wlodarski Life Balance Gordon McKinlay John T Johnson Ralph Nobles Martin PickeringFrom Martin on Crete. Keep up the good work! Andrew Lamb Ildebrando Montoya Andrew Kleis Jim Read Heinrich Jordan Gary Robbins Enterprises Chihaya Fujisaki Barry Cole Donna Alexander Isidro Dos Santos Rodrigues Sergio Claudio Saleme Leija Sonny Piers Fernandre BozeThanks for your hard work. I'm excited that KompoZer will be integrated into SeaMonkey! Alessandro Carrieri Frank Olivares Ares Starcic Pavel MicekThank you for your work. A Berglas Jules Beaudoin Daniel EgnerGreat job. Please continue its development. Thanks a lot. Stinson Wakuk Ronald Colletta Shana Lyons Norman Weinstein Pavel Tesar wintogreen Make1c Haynrich Sulbaran Scott Wheeler

2009 Donors

Steve LawrenceGreat product; I use it for several websites. Would love to see a new release! Alain Lorieux Patrick Zeoliviva kaze ??? NancyDThis program is great. Beats coffecup by leaps and bounds. Works with Vista... Michael RichKaze, this project is great. Congrats on the new blog (it's nice!) and THANK YOU. agajan wintogreenmany thanks, kaze! patjr NancyDThis is the best. I have dreamweaver CS4 and I use Kompozer over dreamweaver. Thank you!! sebazMa modeste contribution pour encourager le développement de kompozer 0.8 LutzThanks for all your work. However, having to create a Sourceforge account to be able to donate is... adamhighway adamhighway Etienne SaliezJe vous remercie vivement pour la nouvelle version de Kompozer, avec laquelle il est de nouveau possible de travailler confortablement dans un environnement UBUNTU. Mike WorthThank you for keeping this alive. Flavio des Landesthanks a lot for kompozer! thanks a lot for the kompozer project team and all who helped making it.. David Wieder amusedpenThanks a lot. KompoZer saved the day. Mike ClaudioBest WYSIWYG web development software for the Linux platform. Manfred Timm Jeffery Schroth John Trott Gray Brooks Enid Sefcovic L A Lazarides Tony MurrayHi, Congratulations so far on the 0.8 development and keep up the good work. Tony John from OregonThanks. I'm not a web developer but like to work on my simple pages. navickas Robert McGraw Brigadier Scottish Shop Beechworth Greg Chakalian Martin Vajda flash09Please put instructions out there for newbies on how to install the alpha projects. Semen Tyuren'kov acquility limited Tentrak accommodation softwareNice work keep it up! Azman Bin Ab Wahab Jarett Sabirsh brownbeardLove the new site management in 0.8a - keep up the great work! Vaclav PavlovecI like it. donhatton David BaldwinSimple Solver Fulvio Presotto Brigadier Eric BowenFlat files are not dead! See - authored and maintained with KompoZer! Christian Hawel Thomas McKee rmcc4444Thanks.. Kompozer is great. I'm glad you didn't stop development on it. Sybille Susanne Mullet William Sigler Jose Maria Zabala Madina Chris MerrillThanks for building a great editor! Chris Merrill, Julio Geraldo Josefina TaykoExcited of KompoZer. Petar Zaharinov Christopher Taylor B7Marketing-TI Kees MoermanThanks, really appreciate your continuing KompoZer development! Think it is a great tool (although clearly not finished, but surely usable). Laszlo Pal Gordana Vanjak Jon Van de Grift Gary Schultz Stephen McIntosh DistroWatch.comA donation by Keep up the good work :-) Nathan A Taylor ??? Angel Abril Ruiz Brigadier Scottish Shop Beechworth Shawn Stevens Malcolm Turnbull Christian Keck Victor Hugo Valdez Soto Jason Feyka Luigi Massa Edward H MatthewsThank you for your good work. I have been teaching a class and using KompoZer since it has been available. Alessandro Carini Melody Kniess Darlene Davis Michael Myers Howard Blum Bernard Spiteri Bernard Spiteri Delroy Neita Matthew Frank Jean-Manuel Lemasquerier Joshua BarakLike very much the product, hopfully when I have more income, I will donate more Thanks Pavel CvrcekKeep good work. Robert Getzner Mike Denton Scott Hostynski Laurence JonesThank you! Christoph Vowinckel Martin Gregor Nuno Andrade Mark Jones Janine Pijls J J Pape Vincent Low Mayer Savetman Paul Law Richard Tuck Thomas Paolini Michael McClain dganit moerno Don Juan Ernst Pini Michael Zylla Tebogo Ramphaleng Keith Allshouse Julian Davis Omar Danielsluv this program...please keep it up. SQL ONE Pty LtdHi Guys -- a little "thank you" from me -- I will continue to donate, this is just the start! Greg Heffernan, SQL One Pty Ltd Nicholas C Williams Andrea Pavone Marcus Borelli Ribeiro Pierre-René Beljean Arrizza Performance Coaching Inc. Tana Ventures Didier Leroux Kleiner Funk-ElectronicFor Support Kompozer Project David Sells Marcelo Flores Chavez Charles Williamson Constantine & Co., Inc. Thomas Studer Muriel Briley Sandro KensanTen italian's cup of coffe for your beautiful project KompoZer. Borut Korenjak Ron Mouser Michel Verdantbonjour de France Vicenta Lima Jose A. Carrillo I.R. Millett Didier Cugy Inger Valeur Michael Taylor Alain Lorieux Helmut Herrmann Attilio Comai Susan W. Pieroth Maurice Wagner Giacomo Barlucchi Alexander Jetchev Glenn Hughes Jim Bryant Richard Hata Pedro Rosario Frank Orta Heikki Herva Joern ScheerThanks for all your efforts; I've been using KompoZer (and Nvu) for quite some time.

2008 Donors

dickricker tervel travisnjfla OscarKeep up the good work :D ! artmanion wa1oui RingmasterThank you for bugfixing Nvu wwiii 8daysaweekDonation to KompoZer from Ivan DobrianovThanks a lot - both Linux and Windows! Carlton MillerThank you for a very useful program - KompoZer kristy martin Dara Jones Balzypipes Kevin Ashton rogerdean

2007 Donors

Vic DuraKeep up the good work! 8daysaweekDonation from for Kompozer [anonymous]good job ! JFPUKExcellent program thomi_chkeep it alive :) [anonymous]excellent,used every day including for local documentation sebazJe suis content de ton retour sur le projet kompozer :) bonne continuation! Sébastien WernerHi Kaze, want to say thanks for your great efforts. Arigato ! Werner (Germany) [anonymous] [anonymous] [anonymous] Vic DuraThanks for the new release [anonymous]Keep up the great work. :-) [anonymous]Thanks for your work! [anonymous]Very nice tool, Keep up the good work, people like you are whats RIGHT about the internet Cillian de RoisteGreat work! Thanks! u2nohooI hadn't planned on becoming a member of SourceForge, but I wanted to donate. Seven Sagesthanks for keeping this alive. Great program when no need for the extra features of Dreamweaver. twblamer winniepuh fabiangebert wkussmaulHugely appreciated. I had assumed NVU had driven off the roadmap. ebookcoach loebnerkeep up the good work AKA_Barry_AllenPost KompoZer buttons and text links on the front page so people can start linking more.

2006 Donors

Rudy Kuntz [anonymous] [anonymous] sebaz [anonymous] [anonymous] [anonymous]